Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Just got this in the mail from my Aunt Jill. Yes, it is another pic from Schoolhouse; get over it.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Last Few Weeks

The Hintons invited us for some good ol fashion fun at the Evergreen State Fair
Lily loved her pony, Stormy, and probably would have had no problem riding him all the way home. I like how it looks like she is going super fast
"This is the best time ever!"

BFF Hailey had a blast on Cinnamon

I think she was born to ride in parades

Too flippin cute for words.

Lily got right down and dirty with these piglets. I think she went right up to every animals face to say hi.

Hi Mr. Goat!

Chickens freak me out, but I was a trooper and took the picture anyway.

Hi Mr. Piglet!

This speaks for itself

This little guy has been spending his nights under our hot tub cover.

Shane caught the bug of blackberry picking

Lily and her bucket - ready to find some berries

"Do we have enough for pie yet mom?"

"These look so good mom, can I try some?"

This is Dane - most likely THE biggest dog I have ever seen.

Lily would not believe that it was a dog and continued to call it a horsey the whole day.