Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Last 4 Years

Lily has been sick the last couple of days and today as she is cuddled up next to me falling asleep with me holding her I couldn't help getting teary thinking that in two weeks our little family of 3 will be 4. I wanted to hold her as close as possible the whole time she napped, to let it soak in to her all the love I have felt being her mom for the past 4 years. And to try and let her know that will never change. I might be a complete basket case the next month so please forgive me sweet pea! She has been more clingy the past couple of weeks. I am not sure if she senses the humongous change that is coming or if it is something else. She always wants to sit on my lap even though there isn't that much lap to sit on right now. She always reminds us to give her kisses when we leave and she has not been stingy with the hugs, kisses or "I love yous". I really hope that doesn't change. She seems excited about the baby. She had a lot of fun helping getting the room together and going through all the clothes. She has come with me to every appointment and helps the nurse listen to the heartbeat and measure my belly. I am so excited to meet this new little guy and introduce her to him. My brother and sister are my best friends and I can only hope these two will have that as well.

We love you so much Lily. I can't even imagine life without you.

P.S. Totally crying right now. Hopefully Shane won't come out and see me (he would make so much fun of me!)