Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some Goings On Around Here

We have been quite busy around here....

Lily has been in desperate need for swim lessons. I don't want to have the screaming kid at schoolhouse and I want her to ask me if we can swim to the raft with Jessica and Nathan and I want her to like the water as much as we do!

She did awesome!!! She did everything the instructor told her to do and she was so excited to have done it. No tears! No screaming! No coaxing her to get it! So proud!
My wonderful little boy. As long as he is fed he is pretty happy. Even with big sister getting in his face all the time, touching him and talking to him in the most annoying high pitched voice ever!

She also likes to make him "beautiful". This is a daily occurrence of accessorizing her little brother.

Lily and Shane "camped" in the backyard. We even made smores! She informed me that there was no room for Brock and I only her and Daddy. She slept in the tent all night and woke up bright and early at 6:00am!

We have been finding these little green frogs in our yard for a couple of weeks. I felt a little bad for this little guy because she would not leave him alone. I was a little frightened she was going to hurt him. But he smartened up and hopped under the deck and got away. She named him/her Rosie.

Cousin Eve stopped in for dinner on her road trip. We had fun talking and Lily had fun twirling and dancing in her new dress from Uncle Ward, Aunt Camille, Cres and Eve.

Monday, June 13, 2011

2 Months!

I can't believe it, he is 2 months old!

13 pounds 4 ounces

24 inches

There is no question he is getting enough to eat!

He also got shots at his appt and he only cried for a minute at the time, but a few hours later... that was another story. Crabby, didn't want to be put down, didn't really want to eat, pale, puked on his daddy. Fun times. Next day he still wasn't 100% but getting better.

this onesie is a 3 month size evidently and I had to stretch it over him!
Funny things we have heard around here:

Brock: a screechy yell he lets out right before he toots
Lily comes running over: "Did Brock crap his pants?"

Me: Your zipper is down
Shane: I know
no action to correct the situation
Me: are you going to fix it?
Shane: No, it is just one more step when I have to go to the bathroom
I didn't realize I was married to a 70 year old

Shane: Why is Lily's hair always in braids?
Me: I am grooming her for plural marriage*
*I am obsessed with polygamy - I find polygamists a bit fascinating
And Lily loves her hair in braids and so do I - It keeps her hair out of her face and she has "curls" the next day and we get to skip a day of having to brush her hair which isn't the funnest job for either of us. So I don't care if it is dated - it is practical!