Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have been a terrible blogger so I have posted a lot to look at. Make sure you see them all!

Very serious painting face

In your local museums shortly!

Counting Genius!

French Braid

This was my first attempt at braiding her hair. I thought I did a pretty good job considering I didn't know how. Shane had to burst my bubble and tell me that no one wears french braids anymore. Thanks Shane!

Because I haven't posted in so long

Lily got her first cabbage patch kid from Gina, Joe and Hailey and got the stroller from Kevin and Katie.
She is a little rough with her baby and likes to take her for wild rides around the house
Daddy and Lily played dress up and this was the result.

These are my socks by the way

Pretty happy playing with Dad

Just because she is smiling so pretty

Christmas Continued

Lily still needed help opening her presents. Shane was happy to oblige.
She loved all her new toys and is having fun playing with all of them.
Our patio table - we probably accumulated about 1 1/2 feet of snow over a couple of days which is pretty unheard of for this area

Lovin Christmas in her Christmas jammies

Snow began falling AGAIN on Christmas morning


These are in backwards
Finished project
Shane studying instructions - I was responsible putting the decals on and drinking my wine and watching Christmas Story. Shane was up till 2 putting together a bike for lily and a wine rack for me. I heard banging about 1:30 but thought it might be Santa so went back to sleep

all laid out


When we had all the snow Shane decided it was enough to go off the roof. I yelled at him.

It is more fun to help around the house without pants on.

Lily loves to play in the sink and as a result we go through about 2-3 outfits a day

Sick Day!

My little Gymnast posing.