Saturday, February 14, 2009

Who Needs a Fork?

Lily likes to show mommy how the piggies eat!


This kid loves bubbles. She can't get enough of them. We took her and Ringo to the park and she ran and ran just like Ringo and chased after bubbles
"let's go Ringo, there is something over here we need to check out."
More bubbles please!

"I Love Bubbles!"

The bigger the better

Finger Painting

Shane picked out a cool art easel for her and it is a hit.
Getting ready to finger paint

She liked finger painting and really didn't try to eat the paint that much.

Who's 2?

Lily Lynne Gaylor turned 2 on 2-9-09.
Mom and I made her a flower cake
She shared her toys with her friends

She was very dainty with her cake and didn't really make a mess eating it. She had a lot of fun with her balloons and new toys.

Sick Day

Lily was sick for a few days and would only sleep in mom and dad's bed. Ringo was making sure she was ok.