Thursday, October 13, 2011

6 Months and Other Happenings

6 Month Stats:
19 pounds 14 ounces
27 1/2 inches
90th percentile in both height and weight!

He is our happy boy as you can see. It doesn't take a lot to get a smile out of him. I can get him giggling pretty good too, but by the time I get the camera ready to take a video he is over it. He is sitting up on his own. He hauls ass in his walker. He is trying to crawl. He gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth. He gets himself around doing an army crawl just like his big sis used to. He is rolling from front to back and back to front. He likes to watch Ringo eat. He likes to take Lily's artwork off the fridge and eat it. He likes to watch the washing machine agitate. He likes watching his sister play and always has one eye on whatever Daddy is doing, but I am still his fav :). He loves the hot tub and being outside. He loves to swing and take walks in his stroller. He loves to sit in circle time when we go pick Lily up at preschool. He has started eating more foods. Sweet potatoes are his favorite. He also like to suck on peach chunks in his mesh feeder.
As fun as this age is - Holy Cow! This month has kicked our butts! But today, on his 6 month bday, the little bugger pushed his 1st tooth through! I really hope this means he will start sleeping a little better - day and night. Getting him to sleep hasn't been the issue, he rarely even whimpers when I lay him down awake and leave the room. The problem is staying asleep. I have tried everything, and I mean everything. It is really difficult to hum, "Go the f*%$ to sleep" at 2, 3,and 4 in the morning. Whatever advice you throw at me I am sure I have tried some version of it. Hopefully now that this first tooth is here we will see some changes. cross your fingers for me! What is frustrating me the most is the 20-30 min naps. I am hoping that once we get the nighttime down the nap situation will regulate itself out. For now I will just keep trying. But when he sees me come into his room he smiles and all I can do is shake my head.

Sister and brother

Watching Ringo eat!

Pumpkin patch and corn maze with Branyan

 "Trust me daddy it is this way!"
couldn't resist!