Monday, January 4, 2010

To Clarify

When people ask me about Lily I am often quick to say she is crazy. Later I am mad at myself for not saying something more positive or not telling a funny story about her. In my defense, she is 2 and for the past 6-8 months she has proved the old label of "terrible twos" to be an absolute truth. She is also a very high energy little girl. She doesn't walk, she runs and she doesn't talk,she yells. People are always asking me if she ever slows down. The answer is - no. But, I see a light. There is one spunky little girl emerging from by little baby. She is fearless, she is funny, she loves to be tickled, she has no rhythm at all when she dances, she can make a mess like no other and she can give THE best hugs. Her favorite person in the whole world is her daddy and let me tell you, he is one helluva dad! He is her ultimate playmate. He can make her squeal with glee and laugh so hard she starts to hiccup. So my goal this year is to embrace her energy and encourage her imagination and ignore the people in the grocery store that feel the need to stare and shake their head at a two year old having a tantrum in the middle of the frozen food section. Don't judge me! And next time Lily is running around the flower stand at full speed yelling "Merry Christmas Everyone" and I see someone actually laugh at her I might go give that person a hug because it is funny and we all need to laugh more anyway. I can't wait to hear more giggles out of Lily, Shane and myself this year. Bring it on 2010!

2009 In Review

In 2009....
Lily turned 2!
We visited some cousins.

Lily got a big girl bed!

Someone gave up her binks!

We spent a month on the Island

I walked 60 miles in 3 days with 2500 other people for Breast Cancer Awareness...

Which resulted in my feet looking absolutely disgusting

Lily got her 1st hair cut ....

and she looked beautiful!

Happy Thanks!(that is what Lily called Thanksgiving)

We had a very Merry Christmas!

Fancy! She wore this tutu all day

Shane made us a very yummy Christmas Eve dinner for the two of us!

and I got Lily's pics done which you can see here
Oh and we have had potty training success! My little baby is not a baby anymore.
Happy New Year. What will 2010 bring us?