Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

These are the only pictures I got of her on the 4th. I wish I would have gotten some of her clinging to me for dear life when the war zone erupted in our neighborhood.

Her and Shane were picking the dandelions in our back yard. Every time Shane gave her one she would reply, "oh, thank you". it was too cute!

The upper part of our back yard is a dandelion farm

on our back fence. She looks so innocent.


Gina and Hailey took us to this really cool water park by their house the other day. Lily had a blast! She was so cold and shivering at the end but still screamed bloody murder when it was time to go.

I almost had a little discussion when this little boy blasted Lily right in the face.

Give this girl some water to play in and she is in heaven!

My other Lilies

This is the new lilies I planted this year and what my existing lilies would have looked like 4 years ago...

and here are the 4 year old lilies. I can't wait for them all to open up. This plant has 50 stalks on it and each stalk has at least 2 flowers on it. I can't wait for them all to open up!

The Horror!!!

To my horror Lily found this binks in the banished toys that are in our garage. She instantly put it in her mouth and had a death grip on it. After a little coxing and trying to tell her that big girls don't need those things she found a new home for it. It will be thrown away after she goes to sleep tonight!!!