Sunday, February 13, 2011


How has 4 years passed already???? I can't believe she is 4.

We spent the morning decorating her cake. She was very proud of the little cake she got to decorate.
The day before her birthday we went to the M&M factory on the strip and picked out our rainbow colors for decorations. I saw this in Martha Stewart and thought I could definitely pull it off. Lily liked it and the day after her birthday asked if we could make a 5 cake.

My big 4 year old!!!

We spent her birthday dinner at Chucky Cheese's with friends and cousins. She had a blast playing all the games and collecting tickets.

She really liked this Chucky. The real one that came out to sing her happy birthday, not so much!

Playing Ski Ball with Daddy.

Riding in the Kentucky Derby!

Not liking all the noise that came with Chucky singing to her. Besides this she was pretty happy. We collected over 1000 tickets to trade in for a fairy doll.
Some things Lily is doing now that she is 4 (both good and bad!):
1. Loves to practice her letters and asks how everything is spelled. She likes to play on the computer and spell all the words she knows - Mom, Dad, Lily, Stop and many others. She knows all the sounds the letters make too.
2. She can count to 40 without help
3. For some reason out of the blue she hates brushing her teeth. This results in a constant struggle to brush them twice a day.
4. She is obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake dolls
5. She likes to help in the kitchen especially when the mixer comes out. She likes to pour in all the ingredients.
6. She gives great hugs and kisses and tells us she loves us all the time.
7. She is excited for her little brother to come
8. For some reason she likes to stick things up her nose.
9. She has developed some really weird fears - birds and little dogs are a couple of them.
10. She always tells me she doesn't want to go to preschool but once she is there she has a good time.
I could go on for ever and ever about her. She is 4! we love her and wouldn't trade her in for anything!


We went to Vegas for Lily's 4th birthday (different post) and spent some time with friends, family and cats. Lily loved my brother's cats. She chased them, asked them how their day was and fed them lots of treats! The trip was pretty uneventful compared to past Vegas trips. We did get to see the Packers win the Super Bowl as we were surrounded by Steelers fans. We didn't win any money and no hair was set ablaze.

Ozzie, Albert and Georgia. Georgia was Lily's fav
always trying to feed them and get them to sit.
Went to the Shark reef at the Mandalay Bay. Very cool.

Standing in front of all the sharks.

And on the treasure chests. Of all the cool fish to look at she spent the most time climbing on the treasure chests.

Loving her daddy!

And this little guy. Kruze is too cute and loves to cuddle with me.


A few weeks ago I took Lily in for a very much needed haircut. I have been putting it off for about 4 months. Daily brushing of the hair has been a constant struggle, but on the other hand I liked it long because when it was brushed and "styled" it was cute. The daily tears won out and after constant threats of "if you don't let me brush it I am cutting it off!" I finally made an appointment. I would have had them give her a cute little bob, but she wasn't used to sitting still in the chair so we just did a straight cut. Maybe next time.
Morning of....Wait for it.....

After!!!! we got about 4 inches cut off. We went through 2 packs of fruit snacks, a sucker, a basket of toys and a Mickey Mouse movie for her to sit still and allow the girl to cut it. Not as bad as I expected. Once she was done she asked if it would turn back to long again like Rapunzel. It looks a little crooked in this pic but it isn't. Daily brushing has gotten better, but it is still a work in progress. She is definitely not a girly girl (not that I ever thought she would be considering her aunt and I can barely figure out how to put on makeup).