Thursday, April 12, 2012

In about 2 hours it will be a year since I went into labor with you. In about 5 hours you will be 1 year old...With tears in my eyes I try to accept this fact. Did you know that I was scared out of my mind to have you? When Lily came out and they said "It's a girl!" I sighed with relief. I thought I knew how to deal with a girl (your sister has proved that wrong!). When they told us at the ultrasound you were a boy I cried. Part of that cry was "Wow! We get to have a boy and a girl" the other part of that cry was "oh shit! what am I suppose to do with a boy". But boy oh boy, you have filled my heart. You have made me completely freak your dad out and wonder if we could have another. You have been THE best baby since day one! Your smile lights up our lives. Lily's main goal of the day is to make you laugh. You love your sister, as long as she keeps a respectable distance from you and isn't trying to squeeze the crap out of you. You follow her all day long. You  ALWAYS follow her into the bathroom. This drives me crazy. Yesterday you swirled her toothbrush in the toilet. Regardless she still loves you to pieces. We all love you to pieces. You love to cuddle. You will sit still on my lap for longer than 10 seconds. You grab for my hand to help you down/up stairs instead of swatting it away and wanting to do it yourself. You love to play peekaboo and have the cutest little laugh on the planet. You like to climb off our bed in the morning and go sit next to Ringo on his bed. You LOVE being outside. When you are outside you are constantly carrying around a golf club or a broom. You like the sandbox. You like playing in the dirt. You fit perfectly on my chest. When it is nap/bed time when we sit in the rocker you instantly put your head on my chest. I love feeling your skin on my cheek. I love these moments. I want to freeze time. I want to remember every little perfect moment with you. This has seriously been the fastest year of my life. I want to thank you for being my son. I want to thank you for being you. You completed our family in a way we didn't even know we needed. You made us all love more. We love you Brock Thomas Gaylor. To the moon and back. You are our sunshine.