Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Island Summer 2012

I was due...I have had too good of luck traveling with my kids that I was due. Our 6 hour trip to Milwaukee ended up being a 3 day ordeal. Due to thunderstorms and fires in Denver we were bumped off our flight and rescheduled a 2 day detour in Vegas. Which turned out well for us since we had a place to stay and a pool to swim in since it was 106 degrees out. Finally on our way to Milwaukee with a severely hungover person (thanks Roberto!), one kid with a fever from getting 4 molars in at once, Lily had this to say:
"Shut the front door! Are we finally going to Milwaukee?"
This was yelled as loud as can be standing in line to board our flight. It made for a definitely much needed laugh.
With a quick sleep in Milwaukee we were on our way to the Island. Our first night we left our kids with a teenager I had never met before and at this point I could have cared less, and headed out for a night to a friends wedding reception. A much NEEDED night out!

Unless you have been to the Island, you won't understand it. I love this place. I love that I can walk on the beach and ALWAYS find someone I know and can sit by. Who I can say "can you watch my kid while I take the other kid to the bathroom." and know they are perfectly ok. I love that my kids love it. I love that I can take my kids in a bar :) I love that at the end of the trip Lily was giving random people hugs just cause they said hi to her. I love that Lily was telling everyone that we were going to move there. I loved the free swimming lessons and that Lily will now go under water and swim to the raft. I love hanging out with my sister 24/7 for 3 straight weeks. I love that my brother surprised us and showed up for a quick 2 days. I love that my nephew is obsessed with Star Wars. I love that the stewardess actually suggested I pinch Brock so nobody would sit by me. I love the smile on my kids' faces when they saw their Daddy. I could go on forever...

We had a run in with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. I could have gone without that.
Enjoy a glimpse into our Island Summer 2012